After Exhibit

Zhuoran Li - Fri 12 June 2020, 4:28 pm
Modified: Fri 12 June 2020, 4:33 pm

I didn't take any photo of the exhibit!!!

We set up the living room for the exhibit. We used two computer screens(one to control Unity, on for live stream on Discord), two mobile phones(one work as the webcam, one for the connected accelerometer to Unity), and two iPads(one for Discord, one for show the simulate pictures.) to support the prototype.


We have invited our friends to the exhibit. They have given some feedback to us, including the concept and the prototype.

  • We haven't think about the people who live alone

Two concepts of our team are all encouraging all the family members to join in the housework. So for the people who live alone, they cannot use our prototype.

  • AR experience

Our audience has questioned about the AR view. We need to explain so that they can understand the prototype.

  • Poster
  • difficuly of the game
  • conntection between the game and housework

off topic

  • other teams
  • get more audience
  • online exhibit - audience

It's quite awkward to talk to audience online. We want to communicate with them, but they always keep silent. So I don't know if I should carry on. Or should I wait for the response?

Not like the normal exhibit, each of the team members can explain the concept to several people. In the online exhibit, we have to explain at the same time. So when we explained to the first audience halfway through and the second audience came in, we don't know whether we should continue or explain the former things again.