Ingrid Wang - Sun 29 March 2020, 11:49 pm
Modified: Sun 29 March 2020, 11:52 pm


Through Watch2Together, presentations were presented smoothly. Critiques received on slack gave us the chance to review and refine the concept. I hope feedback can be received in the same delivery for the following presentations. I appreciate those wonderful feedbacks gave by peers and gonna review their comments in this journal.


Family User

People living in the room can know the mood of the roommate and choose the appropriate way to communicate with the partner. If it's in a home environment, it could be a good device to communicate within the family around how the day was and how the user feel during the day. This may be the case when the husband comes home, he can understand his wife's emotions by seeing the color of the flowers. This device can be placed in a close community like twin-shared room. People live in the room can know housemate's mode and choose a proper way to communicate with mate.

Encourage User to be Positive

It's worth to note that for some people, having a swearing is a mode of stress relief to improve their mode. So that Lome will provide a way to offload user's negative emotions instead of punishing interactions while expressing negative emotions. This suggest inspire us to let Lome become a companion for users when they wanna speak out their's frustrations. Lome will record user's sentence and repeat these complaining words in a funny tone.

Make Users Realise Their Emotion

There are lots of interactions that could be done by touching the physical flower and making users aware of their emotional state. Lome will lead people to know themselves better by showing the different colour of the flower. One thing is interesting, people involved in negative emotions might don't have the skill to realise the emotion they are experiencing. If red represents the negative and green means the positive emotion, user can take one piece of the red while they are complaining. After the complaint, the piece can be put back on the flower and return to green colour.