Current Progress

Seamus Nash - Thu 28 May 2020, 10:16 am
Modified: Mon 1 June 2020, 5:05 pm

This week entailed finally getting my prototype finalised and completed before the exhibit. The multi pose interaction became very quick and easy to integrate and after giving my room mate and myself to use it together, he found that he was easily notified and he knew exactly why he was power posing. In an interview with him after it, he said, "I really enjoyed using the elevator and the pose really made me gain some confidence before my meeting as I was really concerned."

A problem I have encountered in terms of the exhibit is that because the elevator is outside, I will have to make my cupboard behind me the elevator so that I can show this live, I have also developed a quick little video to try and show the intended experience if the makeshift doesn't show what I want.

I have also been completing my portfolio and from this during the studio, I was able to get some clarification and I am planning to embed the prototype within it so that people can just use my prototype so that the cupboard as mentioned earlier doesn't transpire.

The only issues I probably have in completing everything on time would be just trying to make it as pretty as possible. As I am not the strongest in CSS in web development, I want to try and get heaps of my content for the actual portfolio to be completed so that I can give myself more than enough time to take the time to make the site look aesthetically pleasing.

Moving forward, my plans will be testing that my prototype will work with my makeshift elevator and that if someone else uses it outside of my device, that it shows the intended experience. Also once this has been completed, just adding in the final content needed and then hopefully allowing enough time to style the portfolio well.

To reflect, as I have had an issue with showing my final product for the exhibit, as the semester went on, I tried to think of ways that I could use it inside. As I was so obsessed that the whole body could be shown, I tried to make my prototype and final product that this could be possible instead of trying to see if I could work around it and this became a lot easier this week as I was given some wisdom from Dimitri on how to do this and it was painfully easy. Next time, I will try to attempt in doing something that seems impossible to try and make it possible as I could surprise myself.

Something that inspired me this week was that I had a light read of a book called Multidisciplinary Approaches to Neural Computing which presents a collection of contributions in the field of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). The themes addressed are multidisciplinary in nature, and closely connected in their ultimate aim to identify features from dynamic realistic signal exchanges and invariant machine representations that can be exploited to improve the quality of life of their end users. The pdf is here.