Dimitri Filippakis - Mon 22 June 2020, 12:00 am

Finishing with a Bang

With the excitement of the big and final day, the exhibit has finally arrived. With the intent to show of their semesters work, everyone was eager to show their prototype. With this semesters exhibit being online, it went a bit differently to how I imagine at the beginning of the semester (no drinks or food ☹ ). While it was great to have the exhibit given COVID-19, it was underwhelming. With no one appearing in our discord chat for the first 30 minutes (or so), we were a bit lost in what to do. Even when presenting it was a bit awkward as some people had come into the chat and did not say anything. Additionally, it was very hard to switch cameras and show of some of the prototypes while being professional. At some stages I found myself a bit overwhelmed and led to me losing useful information when explaining the concept to the viewers. Although, it was still a very fun and new experience and I am very unsure how else the exhibition could have been planned. Below is a little preview of the end of the exhibition, where we said our final goodbyes for the semester.