Exhibit Prep - Week 14

Michelle Owen - Mon 8 June 2020, 9:51 pm

Demonstration Video

I have finished filming and editting my demonstration video!! I am really happy with how everything has come together and was stoked that I did not have to simulate any form, features or interactions in this video. I decided to narrate over the top as a means of catering to my target users - visually impaired users. Aside from that I believe the video is able to actively convey the new large-scale form, the updated audio feedback and the new interactions with the mat.

User testing

To date I have had 5 users come and evaluate my design (one of which is actually colour blind - so bonus!!). I was able to evaluate Mixed against my objectives that I detailed in the prototype document and I was really happy with the outcomes. 100% of users understood interactions with Mixed without being prompted and all users could also generate complex artworks of their own volition. It was the audio feedback which could do with some work. 80% of users could identify a colour that they used in their artwork from a group of three random audio tracks. This was better than I was previously anticipating! But only 60% of users understood the audio equivalent of colour mixing. One even noticed that they were listening for my (the facilitators) movement in relation to the mat rather than understanding the frequencies themselved.

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

A recurring suggestion was to use this tool in music classrooms to help students with pitch and tone recognition. I really liked this idea and believe it could definetely add to the cognitive benefits that Mixed aims to facilitate


I am super proud of how my portfolio is turning out. I have designed with accessibility considerations in mind so things like 'title' is used frequently as well as alt text and a high contrast aesthetic.

I have used javascript to have a scroll-top navigation which really adds to the cohesion of the portfolio. Other subtle touches like hoverable animations and the flickering stars in the background are more reflective of my personal style.

There is a few things I need to tweak tomorrow in order to have my portfolio exhibit. The first is a link to a referenced page of sorts and the second is styling on some screen sized is a little off. I don't think this should be too much work

Imgur Imgur Imgur

Still to do

  • Download unity onto separate drawing tablet so that I can use my laptop for the discord call
  • Figure out if I am using OBS/ how to use OBS
  • Tidy up my portfolio
  • Finetune audio feedback for 'brown'