Exhibit Week

Lucy Davidson - Sun 14 June 2020, 5:16 pm

And just like that the whole course has finished! I feel like this has been the longest semester but has also gone by so quickly. I'm really proud with what I have been able to achieve given these difficult conditions we were required to work in. I was really anxious at the start when the project moved from being in a team to being by myself but there has been some benefits that I didn't think about. I'm not going to lie and say I preferred doing it alone but it has meant that I have been able to work on every aspect and go way out of my comfort zone. I feel as though I could have easily just focused on the aspects I found comfortable, being design and the physical build, but by working alone I've had to problem solve through various electronic and programming issues that I would have never really had to do had I been in a team.

The exhibit was surprisingly very fun! I think having the physical exhibit would have, of course been better but it was quite fun being able to just pop into people's channels and quickly see their work before jumping back into ours when we had a guest. It was really cool to see everyone's final prototype and everyone was so supportive!! It was really cool to see all my team members' Emily's and how we approached things similarly and differently. I definitely think as a team we would've been able to create something amazing, but alone I still think we have all achieved really cool final prototypes! I was also really surprised by the number of guests we had and how many random people were genuinely interested in our work! I think the whole night was very successful and was a great finish to the course.

I was really sad when I found out this course was moving online but through our weekly zoom calls and very entertaining podcasts, this subject has to be one of my favourites yet. The teaching staff have done an amazing job to keep us all engaged and connected so I just want to say THANK YOU!! I'm very excited to come back and attend the exhibit in future semesters!

Now I just have to finish the team report and critical reflection essay and (fingers crossed) I will be an official graduate!