Sheryl Shen - Sat 13 June 2020, 4:27 pm
Modified: Sat 13 June 2020, 4:34 pm

Overall, the exhibition went smoothly as the team collaborated well to deliver our project to the audience. At the beginning of the exhibition, the team was not familiar with the delivery form and was quite unsure what to do at first when the guests came to our chat room. However, we managed to get used to it and started to develop our own project delivery approach. I have received several feedback either from the guests or my teammates.

  • Interesting way to present the concept and the prototype is well-designed.
  • The prototype perfectly presents the concept and the logic of it is really clear.
  • One of the classmates like the idea of the team getting the same teddy bear so that the visitors can easily see that the prototype comes from the same concept
  • The audio feedback itself is distracted thus, is not clear enough to be presented through the video and the user may not be able to understand clearly
  • The tone of the audio is not friendly enough and the use of word is too complex for the target age group
  • Interesting to see the how the prototype is building in the bear
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The feedback from Jen.