Alistair Harris - Sat 20 June 2020, 10:44 am
Modified: Sat 20 June 2020, 10:44 am

Finishing the Semester

A great part about the design courses at UQ is the ability to show off what you have spent all semester developing to feel proud and sense of accomplishment at the end. This semester was a little different in the way this exhibition occurred. It was an online discord where members of staff, other teams and external design enthusiasts could move through and check out the concepts. Whilst it was great that this exhibition could still go ahead, it was a little underwhelming compared to what I originally anticipated. For the first 40 minutes or so there really wasn’t anyone coming to our group for discussion but also once people started coming it was kind of hard to use the camera aswell as explaining what’s going on in combination with actually using the prototype.


I thought that this was a bit overwhelming and probably lead to a lot of useful information that I would have liked to have said being missed. It was difficult too because after you started other people would join the discord chat so you didn’t really know if you should restart and include them or just keep going with what you were currently explaining. In saying these negative aspects, there was also a lot of positive feedback that we got from valued members of the UX community which is always greatly appreciated. I remember Matt Luscombe giving us feedback early in the exhibition about improving our camera angles and telling us that we should sit our phone on something as we are talking and interacting because instinctively you move your hands around and this makes it hard for the viewer to see. We all put this into action over the next few demonstrations that we did and I think people were able to see and understand our prototypes much more clearly than before.

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