Explanatory Post for Mind Speaker

Elva Li - Tue 3 March 2020, 8:48 am
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 8:50 am


Mind Speaker

Mind Speaker


  • Mind Speaker is a pixelated Tangible User Interface (TUI). It uses sensor or bluetooth connected to the shape to be present.
  • Add LED with electronics on the pins


3D holograms in real time

How to use it

Basically it can be used before people take a real action as a simulator.

  1. Use sensors to capture the movements
  2. Use bluetooth connect to IoT devices

Use Cases

1. simulate a physically shape

Display a wave to represent the ratio of wave height in the sea comparing to a person


2. As a smart home IoT device, be an alert of phone or cook

phone alert

Connect to smartphone to alter you the message or coming call

When you are busy in another room and the food is ready in kitchen

Touch the weather

Normally we use different colors to represent changes of temperature in the real world. Blue means cool. Red means hot.

Instead of telling you the degree of temperature and vague weather in words, Mind Speaker can change the temperature on the surface to represent the variation of how it really feels like.

3. Accessibility

It can also be used for blind people to touch the shape of things that not easy to reach


  • accessibility
  • LED
  • vibration
  • TUI
  • tangible


Link to resources

  • Sci-fi concept - Holographic interfaces from Iron Man
Iron Man
  • 3D Metal Pin Art Board
2D Metal Pin Art Board

2D Metal Pin Art Board

inFORM is a tangible bits displayed in low resolution to present dynamic 3D shapes on a surface. It can capture the human movements and also can be a tangible smart home device.

alert for phone calls