Final Delivery

Jen Wei Sin - Fri 12 June 2020, 3:13 pm



Live Demo


OMA is designed to help children deal with stress within the context of the classroom during break times or in between classes. The main focus and goal of the concept were to help children develop stress management skills by invoking a sense of calmness and peace through colors and sounds, utilizing a natural interaction paradigm where users would use the sense of touch to interact with the concept.


The initial and ideal concept that was developed involved a large play mat that is pressure sensitive. Children would be able to apply pressure anywhere on the mat and a different musical note would play corresponding to the location and amount of pressure that was applied, allowing a multi-user experience where children are able to produce music together. Ideally, though multi-user interactions and functionality described above, the concept would also promote self-expression that might positively influence self-confidence and creativity along with the main intended goal of improving emotional intelligence.