Final Week - Before Exibition

Thomas Saly - Mon 8 June 2020, 2:48 pm

We've made it!

Finally, our prototypes work together as intended, or that is to say almost, or good enough. My prototype in particular, for reasons that are beyond me, still struggles to send messages to other balls. However, both Tuva's and Marie's balls can now send and receive messages after Tuva fiddled with the code over the weekend and somehow got it to work. Looking back none of us are actually sure why it did not work before and why it works now, but that is hardly important now. The fact that it works means that we have a proof of concept to show during the exhibition, which is a huge relief after all this effort.


As it turns out I was able to finish my website on Friday and is up and running on the server with seemingly everything working as intended. It's not as visually pleasing as I would have liked, however, the reality is that I simply have no time to perfect the visuals, as is often the case towards the end of the semester due to other assignments, in this case, the daunting task of writing my thesis paper. That said, I'm happy with the content of the portfolio as I provide a detailed walkthrough over how everything works, including the code. In addition, although I'm not entirely sure my team has the same vision, I've included what I have had as the entire intended product, what I would have wished it could have been with more time and resources.

Finally, I would like to say that although we've had a hump and hills and that our prototype still has some simulated bits that I'm happy where we have ended up and excited and anxious to see how it will perform during the exhibition and how it will be received.