Finishing Portfolio and Exhibit Prep

Seamus Nash - Thu 4 June 2020, 9:12 am

This final week involved myself finishing up the portfolio and getting myself set up for the exhibit. With the portfolio, I was able to get a good colour scheme and add it into the zone easily without any major issues. In terms of the colour scheme, I found a good site here as inspiration for my colour scheme. If you follow the link, I chose to use the "Striking and Simple" colour scheme as mine because of the nice suit it had to my prototype.

Also, I had to get me exhibit setup done and this was quite easy to do asI just needed to stick my buttons on my cupboard.

In addition, my team members and I kept working on the team report but we plan to halt this so we can all prepare for the exhibit.

To reflect, I probably should have given myself a little bit more time to clean up my portfolio as I was rushing to get it done on time. This was due to a little procrastination, as well as having slight issues that could have been fixed quite quickly. Next time, I will try to give myself enough time to get things done.