Individual concept and progress

Seamus Nash - Wed 22 April 2020, 10:44 am
Modified: Mon 1 June 2020, 4:03 pm

For my individual concept, I am focusing on the audience of office workers and making a pose elevator that tries to hype up workers by making them perform power poses e.g. wonder woman pose and match these in real time. Below is a screenshot of what I have so far as a concept (just using a webcam and using a colour outline of the skeleton of the user). I have just decided to use a cupboard for the elevator for now


The ideal finished product will be able to make a physical, portable elevator that can be taken anywhere and to be able to match poses properly in real time. However, due to the resources I currently have I probably can't make it portable. The only limitation for this pose concept is that the full body area has to be shown.

To reflect, during this process, I felt that I needed to be more assertive in creating this prototype as at the current moment, it is just with a timer and doesn't actually "match" the pose in the backend. I had a chat to Steven about this and he was able to clarify with me that I needed to actually code the matching process. Going forward I will try to be more assertive and ask the tutors more questions so that I can get answers quicker and I can proceed and furthermore be able to show a better effort in the further assessment pieces.

My source of inspiration for this week actually came from a skit from the Ellen show which made me think more about the awkwardness of elevators and how my concept could be abused in a way. Have a look at the video below if you're interested.