Individual Project Development - Week 11

Michelle Owen - Sun 24 May 2020, 11:12 pm

Ongoing Troubleshooting

So, I am a little impressed with my capacity to defy fundamental electrical principles at this point. I have somehow managed to translate my pressure-based buttons (where metal to metal contact is needed for the circuit to be completed) into capacitive touch sensors. Wonderful, in theory. But, given that I aim to cover the metal plates in rubber mats it stands to be a bit of an issue. An even more interesting point of contention is that I have continuity tested the whole circuit, double checked my code against an old prototype and made sure that I am not some electrically charged special-case individual. I think I may just need to take a break and start afresh tomorrow with a new perspective.

Audio Feedback

I have now converted 16 colours into associated sound frequencies and these sound files are now intergrated into my digital interface (for the most part). The thresholds I previously decided upon are not holding up well in testing. I did not quite consider the complexity of each colour and how a red can still very much be a red when the 'R' value is at approximately 125.


Going forward, I think the gauging the aptness of a colour threshold will be an extreme excercise of guess and check. Nevertheless, I am feeling more confident with my audio feedback. I have subjected a few friends to the frequencies (after giving them a reference point) and the results were reassuring for this new approach. Essentially, I need to get across to the users that lower frequencies are cooler tones (blues and purples) while higher frequencies are warmer tones (reds and oranges)


Portfolio Development

I have started writing my portfolio in a word document but I have also started to do up a shell for my HTML/CSS/JS webpage. At the moment I am thinking one continuous page with a very minimalistic and flowing design (subtle animation and very clean lines). I will have to finish writing before I can get much further with this template as I am not sure how much content will be in each section yet