Journal Week 6

Sicheng Yang - Sun 12 April 2020, 11:22 pm
Modified: Sun 21 June 2020, 3:02 pm

Work done

This week is relatively short. Because of the public holiday, Friday's workshop was not available. So the major work of this week is about proposal writing. I read several works of literature for proposal. I found that there is already a mature product on the market for home breathing training, which costs USD 99. But it uses a belt on the abdomen as a sensor, which can be very hard to adapt to my direction, but maybe good for my teammates to look up to. The other more portable sensor is an innovative design, but the technology is too complicated.

I also used the sensors from Arduino Kit to do some exploration. I tried using a temperature sensor because I guessed that the temperature near the sensor would change during breathing, but it was too weak to show any effect at all. I also reported this in a weekly report. In the end, I got the feedback of trying to use microphones to analyses breathing sounds, which I think is cool and can also reduce my costs. But I still don't know whether this can distinguish normal breathing from abdominal breathing, which requires further research.

During the Tuesday session, we tried to use Miro as our collaboration tool. I like this tool for its outlook. Also, from this week we finally have some online teaching activities, which works better for me than in previous weeks. This week we have practised observations on the status quo of self-isolation, which is very interesting and may also be very helpful to us. We also have our board on Miro now. But the board is not yet complete, which also requires further user research to provide detailed design principles.

Work to do

As mentioned earlier, the work for the next week includes conducting more user research. One is to investigate the availability of outdoor breathing training from users, for now, I’ve only got second research material to support. And the other is to understand the habits of outdoor sports users. At the same time, the possibility of abdominal breathing through the microphone will be further investigated. But I will also continue to look for more suitable sensors.

After that, I will try the finalizing concept and also complete my concept map on Miro.


This weekend I cleared the browser cache, so my Miro account was also cleaned up. The result is I really can't remember the account I used to edit Miro of DECO7385 before, but now the system keeps telling me I've got no access. Hope I'd remember to take screenshot earlier next time.