Last Post - Thank You, Everyone

Liony Lumombo - Sun 14 June 2020, 10:06 pm

Finally, this is the last post for my journal in this course. It has been a hard time for everyone but we survived well enough till the end.

The exhibition was running smooth. Even though some of my friends from another country had a problem with limited internet so they could not watch the live demo. But they commented that our projects are cool based on our websites. Don't forget to come to my website too on

I had a good experience with my product. We spend times together till two hours before the exhibitions. Even though I found many problems, that was because of the brain too tired. I could not see simple mistakes, for example: forget to attach the code to the objects that would affect the result. So tips for everyone, do not forget to rest your mind and heart. Give them a break.

Based on that, take a nice holiday before next semester for everyone still on the way to the graduation day. Also, congratulations to everyone who finish your study.