Last week!

Shuang Wu - Fri 12 June 2020, 10:35 pm

Can't wait to show our final product. All things went well in the exhibition. I’m super satisfied with the final product and cooperation in team work. Basically we fully realized the intended ideal product, and it satisfied others as well. Although the project was under the restrictions of epidemic, teamwork can also be carried out efficiently and orderly. Through this project and course DECO7385, I learned a lot about team work, my problem domain, project progressing, Arduino amd Uity 3D coding skills.

As for the team work, to guarantee the effectiveness, the first thing is to form a team with members good at all the skills that would be needed in the future work. It would also be easier when assigning the work load. After allocating the work in each step, it’s important to set a deadline within the team, or it might cause delay of progress,which happened in our earlier progress. Timely communication is also important, we have to make sure that every member is working on the right track, and provide support for each other.

As for our problem domain, i believe it’s very meaningful. It motivated me to keep going whenever i met trouble. We hope our game can help train visually impaired people’s hearing ability, i also found a meaningful insights in this game. I can replace the zombie’s attack sound with some important daily sound, like the car horn, and replace the interference sound in the game with some noise in daily environment. In this way, it can help them get more familiar with the real life.

To ensure the project progress smoothly, breaking down the project is a important step. At the earlier stage of this project, i had no idea what we should do specifically until we learned how to break down the project during the course. By breaking down the project in details of every aspect, we can clear know what should we do step by step.

The major work for me is to develop Arduino devices, Unity 3D coding and to connect them. I improved these skills a lot through this project. Especially the communication between Unity and Arduino, thanks to consultation with Ben, i learned a lot how to analyse problem and dig out where the problem is in the codes.

Thanks you all. Thank you Lorna, all our tutors, peers. I really appreciate all your work, teaching, supporting and inspiring, i really learned a lot from all of you.