Nick Huang - Sun 19 April 2020, 9:18 pm
Modified: Fri 15 May 2020, 8:50 pm

Team progress

During the mid-break, our team spared some time to discuss and share our individual process so far, and what kind of resources we can draw on for each one’s project. By sharing with each teammate, we were able to identify some sensors we could use for our chosen topic. For example, my focus problem is helping those who are interested in singing but don’t know how to breathe correctly to acquire the abdominal (belly) breathing technique. So, detecting the belly movements and users’ inhalation and exhalation is important. By talking with my team members, we found that the ‘3 Axis compass magnetometer module’ can be used to detect the movement, and ‘Microphone Sound Sensor Module’ and ‘Temperature and Humidity sensor module’ can be used to sense the breathing behaviour. Although we focused on different directions, but under the same topic, the sensors we identified can be used cross each individual’s project.

Individual process:

In this break, I followed some tutorials online to make some simple projects to get a deeper understanding of the Arduino toolkits. By exploring the toolkit, I found some materials may also be useful for my project, such as ‘Tilt Switch sensor’, ‘Servo’, ‘Light dependent sensor’, etc. Simple projects I made are ‘Temperature Alarm’, in which use the Buzzer and Temperature sensor to make a temperature-based alarm; ‘Vibration Detector’, in which use a LED and Tilt switch sensor to detect whether the breadboard has been tilted.

Temperature alarm Vibration detector

Also, i made an ‘Auto Light’, in which use a LED and light dependent sensor to make an auto light according to the ambient light. And I also bought some sensors from Jaycar store.

Auto light Sensors

Also, I completed the breakdown of the project by finishing the Miro board. By doing that, I get more ideas about how to move my project into next step.

Breakdown of project Breakdown of project


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