Midsemester Break

Alistair Harris - Sun 19 April 2020, 12:11 pm

Work Breakdown

This week I read over the requirements for the prototype presentation and accompanying documentation. I have started planning out how my prototype will work such as what parts I will need to simulate, what are the core functionalities that I want to demonstrate and what I need to say. There is a lot of work that needs to happen before the 4th of May so starting a bit earlier in case anything goes wrong would be a very wise decision.

Prototype physical design

A few tutors have given us the idea of simulating an elevator with a cupboard or closet or something similar, however, unfortunately we threw away the perfect cupboard a few weeks ago so I will need a new solution for this. At this stage I am thinking of using a sheet over a part of the bathroom so that the sides will fall down like a square elevator. The drawing for this can be seen in the image below - I have tested what this will look like but will upload later as it gets in everyone'es way who wants to use the bathroom. I want to simulate the success and failure of the game so that you can visually see the elevator progress to various floors and then also stop when somebody gets an answer wrong. I am going to do this by hopefully having the elevator lights above the elevator light up to show the current floor the elevator is at. This may be simulated because I won't be able to use a functional elevator.

Prototype functionalities

There are a few core functionalities that I wanted to include in my first prototype.

  • Voice recognition + appropriate response
  • Interaction of the charade

This is the main components of how the interaction will occur but parts of these may need to be simulated because I'm still searching and conducting research on the best way to do this especially recognising the pose that someones body is in.