Timothy Harper - Fri 24 April 2020, 10:32 am

We used Miro to explore ways in working out how to get data about things in the current climate. As we cannot go outside we need to make the most of technology to collect data.

Breaking down the project

Working out where to start

Mapping out the project

  1. work out the overall mass of the project
  2. identify areas of weakness / strength in your concept
  3. identify missing information
  4. scope the stages of the project
  5. doing this as a team ensures everyone is on the same page.

What do we know about the items form?

  1. size
  2. shape
  3. material

What do we know about the items function

  1. processes (input / output)
  2. storage (data storage, where, form)

Context of use

  1. where in the world (eg. home - where in the home)
  2. fixed space or moveable (is it designed to move)
  3. can it be used in one place or many places
  4. characteristics of location (busy, quiet, small, spread out)
  5. who is going to use it?
  6. audience characteristics (is that group of people constant)
  7. is time important (use during day / night)

What we do know helps us figure out what we don't know. Setting a minimal list of requirements.