Mixed Update - Week 13

Michelle Owen - Fri 5 June 2020, 10:45 pm

Build Update

So I started polishing off my final build meaning that everything needed to be secured and made a little bit more durable so as to comfortably support someone's body weight. This meant a lot of hot gluing, threading, taping and adjusting the form of some of my colour pads. I also wanted to make it look a little nicer to the eye so I added in a white tarp and a large piece of cardboard to cover my wires (this was also done to avoid tripping hazards but the aesthetic touch was nice).


I am really happy with the form it is taking. There will need to be a few touch ups (I don't like the blue edges and everything could be straighter). Also the 'red' colour pad is proving rather finicky so that is definetely something to look into.

Audio Feedback

I am coming to dread these words. I found another bug in my code which essentially meant it would weight the first colour heavier then the subsequent mixes (ie red then blue would be more maroon while blue then red would be a deep blue). Not ideal for a colour mixing mat. So after a few hours of debugging I found that I had made an mistake in my logic and, after that, restarted work on my audio feedback.


I pretty much started from scratch and decided that 15 colour ranges was the way to go. I started decided what the standard colour was and then deciding what I wanted the thresholds to be in comparision to that base.

This time I separated out tolerence ranges for lighter and darker versions of the base colour as trying to visualise and code for the logic of an entire colour on the spectrum proved too difficult to attempt in one threshold.

At the moment the audio feedback is pretty much finalised!! Very excited to be able to say that as it has been playing on my nerves quite a bit over the past few weeks. There is a little bit still to do for brown/grey colour thresholds but, other than that, we are golden!!


Below is a rendition of 'Starry Night' using Mixed as the medium, enjoy!!

Portfolio and thumnbail

Pretty happy with how the portfolio is going. It has all been written, it could benefit from some culling in words but I am content with the text to image ratio at the moment. The styling colour use some work, but I think I am on a good track at the moment. A test document is up and on the server so I am confident going forward with this piece of assessment

Imgur Imgur

Going forward

Before the exhibit I really would like to figure out how OBS works so that I can stream my digital interface and my physical interaction on Discord without too much hassale. The team want to have a meeting on Monday to go through our set ups and just have a general check in with eachother. We have also made significant progress on the team report which is really comforting because it means a lot less stress for us later.