My Concept

Sean Lim - Wed 22 April 2020, 9:14 pm

My Concept

This prototype focuses on the incorporating fine motor skills to encourage kids to learn. For my concept I will be using this prototype to teach kids colour. There is a term called Learning Experience Design (LXD), where the goal is to help someone learn something in the best way possible. One of the most important parts of LXD is the UI that supports and enhances the cognitive processes of learning.The article also stated that it is useful to set learning in a real-world context, which is the learning experience Itzy provides. Having a real-world toy/object to interact with will help transfer the skill and knowledge to a real-world application.I want to find out if practising motor skills can be another way to help kids learn.


This was an initial concept that I have after looking at some of the feedback received from the pitch. This revised concept doesn’t require a laptop connected to the bear, the screen on Itsy’s belly will be used to show the colours that the kids are required to find. The kids will then bring the bear along to find the colours. Upon finding the right colours, the kid will scan the colour of the object by using Itsy’s eye. If the colour of the object matches the colour of the screen, Itsy will project a soothing voice that encourages the kids to want to learn more.

This concept will be improved by incorporating certain fine motor skills to help kids learn. However, this is just another way that I can think of to help kids to learn colours.