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Jiayu Li - Fri 3 April 2020, 5:12 am
Modified: Thu 14 May 2020, 5:36 pm

Sentimental plants



Nowadays there are many people must face a lot of pressure every day which were from their work and schoolwork. They usually don t know how to pour out. As time went by, these people will produce depression and other psychological diseases. The Sentimental plants designed by me can help these people relieve stress and maintain physical and mental health.


At first, I want to make it a toy or a picture I think it can be a toy that people can hug the toy, but this kind of stuff only suitable for most of the female. And the interaction of pictures is not enough. I have to find something that can make people relieve the pressure and suitable for most people instead of discrete populations.

According to the research, I found that the plants will make a human feel better.

Secondly, I begin to think about how to help people relieve the pressure.

  1. There can be a camera to scan the user s face, the facial expressions scanned by the camera can detect basic mood changes (such as the degree of mouth rising).
  2. When the user touches Sentimental plants, static electricity is generated. At the same time, the instrument on Sentimental plants can also detect the user's heartbeat and breathing frequency, so that the user's mood can be further detected.
  1. Speech recognition sensitive words. The users can pour out to the Sentimental plants, the plant is not human, so the user needs t worry about their secret was out, can according to the words to give the good suggestions or cheat with users. What will the user feel better?
  2. When not in use, Sentimental plants are constantly changing in four seasons. However, through the above tests, Sentimental plants can accurately detect the needs of users. Thereby slowly changing the colors and seasons of the plants. Research shows that color changes mood:

Target users:

 Autistic patient

 Lovelorn people

 Solitary man


When the user faces P, the camera scans the user's face. When the user touches it, it will relieve the stress by detecting that some relaxing music is played first, and it will also change the colors of the season and plants. The user can choose whether to chat with it and during the chat process, the user will be advised and relieved the pressure to achieve the effect of reducing stress.