Non teaching week

Jen Wei Sin - Wed 15 April 2020, 6:42 pm

Aside from taking a break from online learning (yay) and spending some time away from the screens, I intend on spending some time during the teaching break to:

1. Work on Arduino

As I am not super familiar with how Arduino works, I hope to spend some time looking at Arduino documentation and example projects so that ill be able to be more comfortable with the hardware before executing my own individual concept. To help me with this, I will be referring to the guide book supplied in the kit and also the document written by ben.

2. Sort out technical specs for my individual project

During the break, I also hope to work out a technical sketch and figure out the best way of implementing the project with the tools I currently have. Having close to nothing to work with (material wise) ill have to figure out the best way to reuse and creatively refurbish items around the house. Having a plan and sketch would also help me determine the technical components I have to purchase.

3. Order materials

After determining the right materials, ordering it online would be the next thing I would like to get done. I am still deciding if it'll be worthwhile going to jaycar in-person to purchase components.