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Nick Huang - Sat 21 March 2020, 7:00 pm
Modified: Fri 15 May 2020, 5:14 pm

Zoom discussion for the course

Due to the impact of COVID-19, this week was paused to leave time for the teaching team to convert the course to the online one. So, there was no contact session in this week, but in order to clarify the new content of this course and gather students’ opinions on how to better move this course online, Lorna scheduled a zoom meeting for the open discussion. During this session, we were provided with the chance to get to know more about how the remaining academic weeks of this course will be conducted. Also, we received some feedback from Lorna and tutors through asking questions and the chatting room in Zoom.

chatting on zoom

Team progress

In this week, our team first had an online meeting and kept the continuous discussion through our group chat. As we have assigned different roles and decided to present our initial concept through pre-recorded video, each team member made the PowerPoint slides of their part for the upcoming pitch session and recorded their videos. Due to the adjustment of the team project and assessments, we also discussed the initial plan about how we will move forward to the final delivery and how we will take the individual responsibilities for completing the project, but still work in a team manner. That means we could still work towards a same goal, but everyone has a clearer individual role.

Individual progress

Followed the instructions provided by the teaching team, we chose to present our idea through video, so in this week, I mainly made the slides for my designated parts of this pitch: Intended Experience & Operations (Body storming for demonstrating some interactions). For the first part, I made two new images to show the ‘bracelets’ and ‘multi-user mode’ aspects of our concept. In order to offer users the immersive interaction experience, we decided to add the ‘bracelet’ for users to receive the physical feedback (vibration) from the game.

bracelets of our team concept multi-user concept Intended user experience Operation guides

In order to give audience a clearer picture of the interaction part of our concept, our team chose to use the ‘body storming’ method to show some aspects of the interaction. So, for my own parts, I recorded the PowerPoint slides and the body storming part respectively, and then I edited these two videos together to make it easier for our team leader to organise each one’s video.

Video editing


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