Portfolio & Reflection

Alistair Harris - Sun 24 May 2020, 3:54 pm


This week started off with the regular recap that we gave to the class about our progress and isolation. It was nice to hear what other classmates thought were the positive aspects of being isolated. There were many answers that ranged from saving time on commutes to saving money on food (ducking in to McDonalds on the way home) and not having to get up early and stay late for some annoying class times.

In terms of work this week, it was pretty relaxing not having something directly due but it was also good to just have a look at whats coming especially in this course with the final exhibit. I also had a look at the reflection and got that all formatted, headings etc so I can knock it out when it comes time to do that.

Over the next week I need to start making the adjustments to my prototype to ensure its ready for the final exhibit. This will include adding a new input device which may be using the bluetooth depending on if this is possible for me to achieve. I also want to make an instructions menu screen outside the elevator because inside you have a limited amount of time to play the game and get to where you need to go.