Shuang Wu - Sat 25 April 2020, 9:54 pm
Modified: Sat 25 April 2020, 11:16 pm

In my last journal, i proposed a IR solution to our project concept that the users can use a remote controller to interact with the receivers in four directions. I Just used one receiver to figure out its functions last time. But there would be four receivers in our project, so many unknown could exist. For example, will the receivers interfere with each other and how, could one remote controller control four receivers and so on. So i got another IR receiver from my teammate and explored my concerns.

Receive 1 (R1) comes with LED 1 (L1), Receive 2 (R2) comes with LED 2 (L2). I put a notebook between the two receivers to block the signals. I found that the receiver would only catch the default signal value only if the remote controller aims at it directly. It would produce different values if there are angles between the remote and the receiver, which means the range that can receive the signal accurately is very small. The other biggest trouble i met was that L2 would light up randomly when only the L1 were supposed to be on. I fixed my codes thousands time and tried various methods to block the signal to prevent mutual interference, but the whole system messed up all the time. At last i realised that the IRremote library i donwnloaded might not support multiple receivers work together, and finally i found the supportable library.

Now, this method has been verified to be feasible that i can interact with four receivers in different locations by one remote control at one system. I pressed button towards R1,L1 was on, and L2 was on when i pressed button towards R2 like the images below.

Imgur Imgur Imgur

When i was struggling with the problem, i came out another Plan B as an alternative solution to our concept. I could make a joystick in a shape of gun and fix it on the table, so it can only shake in four directions on the spot. Players can pull the trigger in the direction they heard the enemy attach in the headset. I am going to try joystick before we get the tools we need. Besides, we are going to buy Electric iron´╝îlong wire jumpers, hot melt adhesive and speakers.