Project Idea - Fortune Ball

Kasey Zheng - Tue 3 March 2020, 6:41 am
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 6:42 am

Fortune Ball

Project Idea - Fortune Ball Poster

Research Area

"little C" Creativity from The 7 grand challenges


  • raise the awareness of emotional/physical/psychological well-being
  • engage people to embrace little happiness in everyday life
  • develop ability to find creative new solution to everyday problems


We as designers are frequently searching for inspiration might provoke amazing creative ideas. However, it’s not that easy sometimes. We may struggle with the lack of creativity. My solution for this situation is to browse the shelves in the library, visit a museum, in a word to look for anything I didn’t notice before. What we see, read, watch, experience in everyday life kind of decide the way we see the world, but sometimes it may restrict the creativity.

Here, I propose a Fortune Ball machine let you put everyday items that have already taken for granted. Then the machine will extract the essential of these stuff and provide you a Fortune Ball. It contains audible, eatable, tactile... something will definitely surprise you and may bring something new to your life.

People love unexpectedness, surprise and uncertainty sometimes happen in their life. Personally I enjoy seek those chances occasionally when I feel my life is a bit of conformist. “Gashapon”, Fortune Cookie and “Omikuji” are the examples fit into this category, they make people be both exciting and nervous at the same time before see the result.

Trust your intuition, take the Fortune ball as the life guidance at that moment. There might be something special is about to happen in your life!


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