Project Ideas and Inspirations

Yi Lu - Mon 2 March 2020, 7:25 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 7:25 pm

Where Does the fireworks Go


Concept Brief

My design idea is to create a device that can control the display of fireworks by swiping up and down. It will consist of 3 parts: a curved projection screen, projector, and touch screens.


I hope that through this interactive experience, people can learn that setting off fireworks will generate a lot of harmful gases and cause harm to plants and animals in our natural environment. While experiencing this immersive interactive experience, it can inspire people's environmental awareness.

How to Play

The user can swipe up or down on the touch screen in the center of the curved-screen to control the dynamic image in the curved screen.


When the user swipes up the touch screen, as the gesture will bloom fireworks in the sky and smoke will be polluted on the screen, the surrounding environment will change accordingly. However, when the user swipes down the touch screen, the entire process of setting off fireworks will be reversed, the air will become clearer, and the surrounding environment will become better.

The whole interaction process will involve the interaction of sound, image, and gesture.


  1. The Gardens Between

This is a puzzle game. Users need to swipe the screen left and right to manipulate the flow of time in the storyline to solve the difficulties and help the characters in the game to complete the task.

  1. “Repairing Charm” in Harry Potter

This is a magic that restores the item as it is by turning time back.


  • #Environmental Protection
  • #Projection
  • #Light and shadow interaction