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Jianing Jin - Mon 2 March 2020, 10:58 pm
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 2:15 am

Melo Catcher – A music box that can DIY your own melody

Music is long be regarded as a way to relieve stress and make people happy (Myriam, 2013). Nowadays, many designers try to integrate the element of music into daily life using various interesting forms of interaction.


Interactive sound exhibition

Playing three novel music instruments by touching lines on the wall, floor, or hanging on the ceiling.



A specially designed coat that can produce different sound according to different body movement.


What is Melo Catcher:


Melo Catcher is an interactive music box that provides users with a new form of musical interaction. Users can enjoy the beauty of music and DIY their own melody regardless of their musical experiences.

How to use it:

Each handle represents a different piece of music, people can start generating their own melody simply by rotating different handles on the box. The speed of the music will change in accordance with the speed of the rotation. Once the device is triggered, the screen will generate a different wave pattern based on the selected music and shaking speed. The music will stop when people stop rotating the handles.

Who I am designing for:

Anyone who loves music and enjoys creating.

The sparkling point:

  • Easy to use

Inspired by the design of a music box, the interactive device looks more like a large music box with many switches, users are more likely to be comfortable with this device.

  • No background restriction.

People don't need to be proficient with a certain instrument, anyone who is interested in music can use this installation for music creation.

  • Unique experience for musical interaction.

Users can feel different rhythms by shaking different handles and trying different speeds, at the same time, they can also gather multiple people to create unique melody.


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