Xue Xia - Mon 2 March 2020, 10:17 pm
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 7:21 am

New site (campus) assistant



Most of the new students may face the problem of missing on campus that cannot find sites or facilities on campus. Similarly, when people visit a new site they may face this problem as well. This technology focuses on helping people find the way.


It can be installed on campus or attractions or shopping centers. On the campus, it can be set to clean campus on the time that the majority student comes to course, after clean, it can stop and stay in front our the gate or in the center of the campus. During the orientation week and the first two weeks of the semester, it can be set to moving more round without clean more for guiding new students. I use it instead of the map in the shopping center and attractions, no movability required.


It can identify various languages. It can show the normal map, map with a picture of the landmark, and show the 3D route on the VR glasses. It can move in a place as The Robot cleaner to let users consult the route in any place inside the campus. It can help visitors take travel photo and send to their email. It can offer a detail location of facilities that people want and can offer a booking service, such as meeting with the doctor. It can collect feedback after user use it by providing a few minutes Q&A session for who agree to (have time) giving feedback for both the machine and the campus. (eg. whether you still face some challenges on campus?)


My idea comes from a previous interview that I join to give user feedback of my friend’s project. She asked what challenges I face on campus when I was a new student. The challenge I faced is similar to a large number of new students, which is missing on campus and hard to find the location of the target facility. Thus, I want to design a Map that can help the new visitor find the way easily, consider the movability, I use the Xiaomi robot in my design.

Xiaomi clean robot



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