Project Inspiration Critique Reflection

Kelsey Quinn - Sun 8 March 2020, 8:30 pm

My main concern before presenting was that I wouldn't be able to communicate my idea clearly, but afterwards I was pleased that I hadn't forgotten any part of what I planned to say, and the comments I received as feedback generally reflect that. I did feel a little awkward with the quality of my poster, as I'm not a very good drawer, and most of the other posters were of a much higher quality. I did receive some comments critiquing the quality of my poster, mostly that it wasn't easy to get a full understanding of how the device worked from the low fidelity of the illustrations. This is something I think I will need to work on in future, either through improving my drawing skills or becoming more proficient at using software to create visual representation of my ideas.

The main positive feedback I got from my peers was that most people liked that my concept focused on the environment and educating people. This was definitely the main motivation behind my choice and design, so I'm glad that this resonated with others. The main critique I received was that it wasn't clear how the concept fit in with the everyday. I didn't communicate this in my presentation, and it wasn't a concept where people could easily imagine the context of use. So I feel this is a valid critique of my presentation, and in future I need to make sure I address all aspects of the task and brief when communicating my ideas to others.

To address this now, I imagined this concept being installed in a heavily-trafficked public place such as King George Square or Queen Street, where people could stop and interact on their way past, or perhaps in a museum with a focus on educating users about the environment.