Paula Lin - Sun 5 April 2020, 10:27 pm
Modified: Sun 5 April 2020, 11:01 pm


During this week contact session, our team has discussed and reviewed on the feedbacks from our last presentation. We agreed that we will have education as our problem space but later we found it was too broad and we need to narrow the problem space down to perhaps targeting at specific audience. Hence, we decided to make our problem space as educating university students. Our team has also decided to work under the same domain and problem space but develop our own concepts. I decided to use my original pitch idea which was the BIBO light, a light that teach people the 478 breathing method to reduce anxiety and improve sleeping quality.

From my pitch feedback, I was told that some people think 478 breathing technique is not very useful and suggested me to change to another breathing method that can help people with respiratory problem. Currently, I am also exploring at different breathing techniques that are used to treat people with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). COPD is a health condition that affects an individual’s ability to breathe well.

However, my team mates have some difficulty thinking of an idea with the domain and problem space we set earlier on, therefore we changed our problem space again to improving people's wellness through breathing which was the problem space that my BIBO light was exploring, with target audience set at university students and working adults. So now, we will all be working on ideas that use breathing (domain: body as controller) to create interactions between the users and our products. Each of our team members will implement different breathing methods on our individual concept to suit our target audience and intended experience.


The proposal is almost completed. I have received my Arduino kit this week and will be looking forward to the next workshop session to learn Arduino. In the meantime, I will need to do further research on how to develop my BIBO light and which sensors to use. I will I am new to Arduino as I made a VR game using oculus quest for my digital prototyping course. I need to master on how to use Arduino to be able to make my BIBO light works well.