Prototype and Appraisals

Seamus Nash - Thu 14 May 2020, 9:29 am
Modified: Mon 1 June 2020, 4:40 pm

This week I submitted my prototype for the first iteration. From this I thought that I needed to probably do a little more work into the video as I kind of rushed it a bit. This will hopefully be better in the next go round as I have had some experience and time with it now.

Our team also collaborated and worked together to appraise assigned team's work. To do this we all watched the videos together and had a conversation and wrote down some notes individually to see if we agreed with some points. If we disagreed, we both made our points to prove why we thought that.

From this we collated these notes into coherent comments into Miro.

To reflect on this process, I felt that we got a little switched off in watching each video one after the other as we wanted to get it done on time. This resulted in our later responses being a little small and not really specific. We did amend to these later as we took a bit more time to look into the ones that we thought weren't detailed enough. But in the future, it would have been nice to take a break in the middle of watching and appraising other teams so we could have made the most of the time and also added a heap of more detail to it.

Going forward, I have also started developing my annotated portfolio. I have looked into the criteria to see what areas I need to hit in order to get a good result.

Furthermore, once my own work gets appraised, I will take this feedback on board and refine/iterate on my work and then validate this with user evaluations to verify the aim of the prototype hasn't been forgotten with these changes.

For some inspiration this week, I read a very interesting journal article on the Problems of EndUser Developers in a Physical Computing.Task. It really opened my eyes about some issues that other teams might be facing and from listening to previous report backs, this was evident in the article's findings.