Week 1 - Documentation & Reflection

Sheryl Shen - Sun 1 March 2020, 4:41 pm
Modified: Sat 7 March 2020, 2:49 pm

Surviving the first day of uni after the long break is always the hardest. As usual, we have discussed about each others expectations, rumours we’ve heard and concerns of this course. I felt quite relieved that most of the people were worried about the heavy workload as I did.

Examples on Slack

After the sharing, we gained some ideas from the examples on slack. I personally felt inspired by the ‘Water Droplet’, since water in our stereotype is liquid form which is hard to control and have little connection with technology, and the design broke my traditional view of water. The designers made water as a medium to communicate with people, which can be used daily and can be interactive with people. This gave me an idea of how materials can be used to interactive with people and the novel technology it has, which is highly possible to integrated to the future work.

7 HCI Grand Challenges

I was assigned to the ‘Accessibility and Universal Access’ section. After discussing within the group, we came up with several challenges to pursue the goal:

  • The high cost of achieving the goal, maybe because of the location of implementing or the material using.
  • Different age group have different background, thus, they have their own habit of using the products.
    • My grandma cannot accept smart phones but the old ones with keyboard
  • Learning ability differs between age, people and interests, thus, it is hard for everyone to use the same technology.
  • People have different motivations to use a wide range of products based on their interests, financial status and other concerns.
  • The development of different regions. There are some areas where technology is not as advanced as the others so that the people in the area may not be able to access certain products.
  • Description: Everyone no matter their demographic and location have access to the products or services.
  • Design technology that is for general use instead of specific purpose
  • The exercise encouraged me to think of products that have high accessibility:
    • Wifi: highly ubiquitous however there are regions such as areas in the mountain have difficulties access it.
    • Mobile phone: for contacting purpose, most of the people in the world have a phone but not necessarily smart phone.

    * It is difficult to think of an example or a product that has universal access human-computer interaction, since that there are still some areas that don't have the technology to achieve it.

    • The readings gave me aspects of the challenges the technologies are facing, which inspires me to think of an idea that can overcome the problem.

    Ideation - Card

    Design to Reinvent a restaurant using shrink permanently

    Shrink represented the following:

    • Small
    • No water
    • Tiny

    Context can be:

    • Cutlery
    • Space in restaurant
    • Size of food
    1. The size of the restaurant and food shrink by year for people suffering from obesity
      • Challenge for people
      • Less waste of takeaway box, plastic bags
    2. The size of the restaurant expands so that the people in it feels shrinking every time they visit
      • Beneficial for people that are not confident in their body shape
    3. The restaurant has high rate of evaporation so that the amount of water shrinks
      • Makes you feel dry so that you drink more water
    4. The cutleries shrink and eventually the age of customer segment becomes younger
      • Perfect size for child
    5. The restaurant shrinks the foods for the people who have leftovers in their last visit
      • For eco friendly and reducing food waste
    6. As the budget for hiring people becomes expensive, the restaurant shrinks the number of staffs which causing a long waiting time for the food and services
    • I think it is fairly interested to see the word 'shrink' in two different aspect: restaurant shrinking and people feels shrinking as the size of the restaurant expand.
    • It is also excited to see of how the ideas connected to different aspects such as due to the size of restaurant and cutleries shrinks, the age group becomes younger. The idea has correlation between age and shrink.
    • The exercise prompts our idea from a weird situation, but it is easier to generate ideas.