Week 1 Reflection

John Cheung - Mon 2 March 2020, 8:56 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 8:58 pm


Today we have discussed the fear and expectation of this course


1, I have never taken any 4 unit course until this semester. I am not able to predict the workload and the amount of time I need to spend on this course

2, Some students said this course required a finished product at the end of the semester, I am not confident with my building skill.

3, Team coordination/ Time organisation are always the big problems in a group assignment.


1, Learning the new technology, such as the laser cutter, 3D printing machine... and applying them on this project through the innovation lab tutorial.

2, Coming up extraordinary ideas with my team members

3, Using different tools and equipments to cope with the difficulties I faced during the prototype making, learn from the mistakes and safely use all the tools.


The HCI grand challenge topic is learning and creativity


The way how people learn has changed rapidly. The use of technology in the contexts of education and creativity is very common nowadays.The new generation of learners prefers a different learning style comparing to the past learners, but these learning style has a lot of challenges to deal with. For example, mobile learning is a big trend, students can acquire knowledge anywhere anytime they want, but the effectiveness is something educators and researchers need to consider.

The Serious games for learning was the main topic that I focused on. I believed that keeping a balance between seriousness and gaming was the biggest challenge in creative learning. When we are making the course content more attraction, gamification elements are used frequently, for example, bringing excitement ad fun to the learning journey. But too much fun would distract students from learning. I suggested that educator should use the technology to add gamification elements to the game instead of merging the gaming content with the course content. For example, they can use an AR glasses to guide student to finish a specific task.


♠ = Design to / for

♣ = Place

♥ = Interaction Mode

♦ = Interaction Quality

In our group, we have selected an idea which is "Using smell to guide cleaner to clean up a specific part of the hospital." For example, cleaner A is responsible for the apple smell, any location smell like apple will be included in his cleaning task. It is a very interesting ideation method, our group has come up with a lot of interesting ideas and it help brainstorm the project topic.