Reflection (Week 1)

Shao Tan - Fri 28 February 2020, 4:34 pm

First Day

We talked about our thoughts on what we would learn from the course, our aspirations, fears, rumors of the course and questions. What I was most worried about was us not being able to fully build what we designed for the project. But I was told that that is perfectly normal and that it was impossible to build it exactly the way you want it in a few weeks.

We then looked at projects that were done by students in previous years and went on to find projects that will inspire us for our own projects. I realised that there are many different directions that the project can go and therefore are endless possibilities of what we can design and build.

Second Day
7 HCI Grand Challenges

We had to read a grand challenge from the paper that we were assigned to before the class and then discuss in groups what we understood from it. My group first listed down all the important parts that we understood from each section and finally summarised everything in a short description.

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In the second part of the class, we did a very fun activity of using cards and words to form a sentence. I think it was a great way of forcing us to think outside the box as many of my sentences didn't make sense. This way, we could think of novel ideas and things that seem ridiculous.

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