Reflection (week 9)

Shao Tan - Sun 10 May 2020, 10:11 pm

Work Done


After last week, I realised that my previous form for Spud was too flimsy and could not hold the servos. I went to Officeworks and got a thick card material and built the two forms again: a bigger one that will move using servos to show the functionality and a smaller one to place on the shoulder, to show the actual size.



The sensor shield that I ordered online came and I used it to move all the servos in Spud together to show different emotions.


At first, the servos would not move and I thought that the 9v battery had too high voltage. I got a multimeter and tried making a voltage divider with resistors but it still did not work.


Finally I realised i had to remove a pin that was connected on the sensor shield and power both the arduino board and the sensor shield. I went on to code the different emotions and arm positions for Spud.

But... I accidentally damaged my laptop’s internal hard disk with the 9v battery when the arduino was connected to my laptop. Now my hard disk is fried and I can’t use my laptop anymore. I created a Windows recovery drive and even bought a data reader to read the data in my ssd before realising my ssd is dead. I have to get a new internal ssd and bring my old ssd to a repair shop to try to get my data back.


Work to be done

As my laptop data is gone, my progress for the assignment is also gone. When my laptop is working again, I’ll have to start working on the arduino, the video and my documentation from the beginning. Hopefully it will be faster and easier this time as I have done them before.