Sketch and Arduino

Paula Lin - Wed 22 April 2020, 11:14 pm
Modified: Thu 23 April 2020, 12:55 pm


Domain: Body as controller

Problem space: Breathe for wellness

Target audience: People with lung disease

Breathing method: Pursed lip breathing

The original concept was a breathing lamp that can train people to do the 478 breathing technique. However, it is not scientifically proven of its effectiveness and some people have feedback that holding breath for 7 seconds in the middle was difficult. Therefore, the target audience has changed to lung disease patient and studies have proven that pursed lips breathing exercise improve their breathing conditions and wellbeing.

Concept Sketches

After doing some researches and watching many videos on projects that are done with Arduino, I have came out with my concept sketched below name as "The Midnight Garden". The garden will come alive after all the mic sensors have been blown!

Imgur Imgur

Concept and Intended experience

When user blows to each microphone sensor, the object will light up respectively. For instance, if the user blow at the windmill, the led lights on the windmill will be activate and if the user blows at the tree trunk, the branches will start lighting up etc. In addition, I am considering of adding speaker with cricket sounds as the background to fit the picture theme even more, to provide further and better immersive experience to the audience while they practise their breathing technique. The design of the visual and audio effects on my installation are aiming to promote relaxation and calmness as much as possible. As recommended for lung disease patient, it is best to do the breathing exercise

Prototype draft

To convey my concept to the audience easier, I have make a simple prototype to show how to interact with the "garden" and the responses they will receive. This is only one of the object, each object will be embedded with a mic and lights up when receiving the blow out from the mouth.



I have received both kits and purchased some materials that I need for my installation. While waiting for the delivery, I have play around with the LED light strips and LED ring, using FASTLED library in Arduino. They are pretty and amazing. I have also purchased some rgb led strips that can be addressed individually so that I can program them to different colors and patterns.


  1. Prepare interviews to collect feedbacks and gain insights.
  2. Get some art and crafts for the installation and do some testing with Arduino
  3. Set up the prototype and video