Team Pitch & critiques

Paula Lin - Fri 27 March 2020, 2:23 pm
Modified: Fri 27 March 2020, 3:07 pm

Team pitch feedbacks and reviews

Our concept is about creating a plan video game that can be played using hand gestures. From the feedbacks, I learnt that this is not novel and innovative enough to stand out from existing games in the market. We were told our project is too similar to Kinect and leap motion games, therefore we need to rethink about our concept. From the feedbacks, it is better that we shift our concept to a non-game based and allow people to move away from screens when using our designs.

Moving forward, my team decided to develop our own concepts under the domain Body as Controller.

Individual concept

I would like to develop my original pitch, which is the BIBO lamp. User will need to use their breath to control the brightness of the lamp. It fits into the theme in 2 ways: 1. Detecting of air from the mouth 2. Detect motions from chest (Inward and Outward) as they exhale and inhale.

The problem space my team will be exploring will be health/mental health aspects. To be decided...


Many teams have really interesting ideas in terms of the interactions and visual effects they are putting in their products. However, some concepts failed to consider the practicality and feasibility.

The dancing elevator

Lift is not a good setting because people might need the lift for different reasons. try to shift the concept to another location. Plus, we are not suppose to jump in the elevator.


The exercise mat is interesting and motivating. Motivate users to exercise by producing music when they workout. Can also add a setting of goals and heart rate detector.


Lovely concept. Suggest adding more variations to how the flower and its surrounding will react to different emotions and words, to make the whole thing more interactive. Also if the flower keeps detecting negative emotions, what can be done to motivate or lift up the mood of the family? Prompt the user to talk to someone perhaps? Or show some motivational/inspiring quotes and messages?


What is the purpose and meaning behind all these sounds the objects will make? What can people learn from the concept and why people will be interested? If every object is going making some sounds without any melody or tune, it’s not music, they are noises.

Fire safety using audiometrics

To combine physical and digital co-exist and interact in real time, consider mixed reality for greater immersive experience. Thoughtful concept.