Update & Concerns

Jason Yang - Sun 15 March 2020, 10:06 pm

Concerns Thus Far

In recent weeks the coronavirus has been a major concern for me. Given the epidemic levels at the moment, it is a timely reminder to ensure good hygiene practices.

Due to this rising issue, I have my concerns regarding this semester academically and the disruption that this virus will have a detrimental impact on the semester both academically and health-wise.

Given the nature of this course and the high levels of interactions needed with other parties (e.g. user testing, exhibition, etc.) I'm uncertain that we are still able to ensure these activities are carried out to achieve the best possible outcome.

The coronavirus has impacted and will continue to impact families around the world. Inevitably academic studies will also be impacted due to disruptions and unexpected closures or isolation.

None the less, on a positive note, we are continuing to power through and communicate with the team via skype. This is quite an inconvenience due to connection/network instability with people cutting in and out during calls.

Stay safe!

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