Video Demonstration

Ingrid Wang - Sun 17 May 2020, 11:48 pm

Interactive Flower LOME

The Team Domain

Negative emotions and pressure people experience from intensified workload, pursuing of perfection, obsession with completion and exhaustion of balancing family relationships are becoming a general phenomenon. Workers who have obligations to a family are accounted as the majority labor force in metropolitans. To avoid the damage of negative emotions and relevant mental issues caused by, the team will design an interactive tool to help users to express their feelings and raise family concerns. The interactive flower will help people under stress to speak out and release negative emotions by complaining towards the flower and replacements of the flower petals.

The Individual Concept

The individual concept differences from the team domain by narrowing user groups, it's focused on parent-child relationships. One of reason doing this is because children are less presentable in terms of wants and needs, and parents need to raise concerns in the important stages of their children. (Manzeske, 2009) The study shows that a child who has a secure relationship with parents tends to regulate emotions and behaviours while experiencing difficulties. Thus, the individual concept will try to explore more interesting ways of interactions and promote the playability for children

Working Principle

  1. This is when too many complaining received through the microphone.
  1. User can play games and answer the question right to make the flower become green or take the petal out and place it back again to reset the green colour.
  1. When user continues by answering questions right and repeat the placement action, the whole flower become green.
  1. This state is the extra bonus to engage users with games.