Week 4 - Break

Jessica Jenkinson - Wed 25 March 2020, 8:00 pm
Modified: Mon 22 June 2020, 12:52 am

This week we've had no classes due to the UQ break, but my group has continued to develop our concept and create our pitch presentation. We decided to submit a pre-recorded video to avoid any technological issues on the day. On Tuesday, we had our first group meeting over Zoom and focused on ideation. Following on from our initial discussion in last week's class, Michelle created a sketch with some developments on our idea. We all really liked her design and decided to continue on with this design. As seen below, the concept teaches children colour theory through using pressure to select and mix colours to create the colour shown on the screen. We have decided to call our idea "Twisted" - Inspired by the similarities it has with the game Twister.


The interaction mode for our idea will be applying pressure by standing on various colours on the palette and the control buttons such as "apply" and "more/less". The screen will have a background colour which will be the 'goal' colour uses will have to create through standing on the necessary colours on the mat. I am happy with how the concept relates to the studio and team domains, in that it certainly embodies the theme of creative learning as user will have to employ a number of creative processes to achieve the goal colour. The interaction is also certainly playful and novel through the interaction of coordinated movement on the interactive mat.

We also developed a background story for the concept to further engage the young audience:


During our group meeting we divided up sections for the pitch to individually work on. I am working on deconstructing creative learning based on our research and extrapolating on target areas such as colour theory and collaboration. This was mainly informed by the research I conducted last week into these topics. I also compiled the video with various sketches, mind maps, diagrams, personas and story boards we created.


Whilst we wanted to make the most of the week break, I still wanted to give myself some time off considering the past few weeks have been quite chaotic. I am really happy with our team's concept and feel that it is a concept I would really enjoy creating. It great that my fellow team mates all seem to be on the same page regarding the desired outcomes of the project and this has meant that we have been able to work together very well so far.

I will keep working on the proposal video, however, I don't want to set many concrete tasks as there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming semester and what it will hold.