Yuanyuan Wei - Fri 28 February 2020, 4:15 am

About the course

In week one,before the class i read the social organisation & democracy part. In the class, I studied online and firstly we discuses 10 mins about what we what our fears, hopes, questions and expectations .We learned the HCI 7 Grand Challenges.After the class i have fresh understudying about HCI grand challenges.


Working process

After class i finished the task on the blackboard which is important when we go to lab.The content is complex and some information i reviewed about two times. In the beginning when i received the pitch task, i am not really sure what to do next project because i have no inspiration. After review the resource of class and check some design cases in website, I have new idea.

Source of inspiration:

Many contemporary people have the habit of doing daily planning. This is a very good habit, which can help one to complete the task efficiently every day. Children rarely have good self-control. They need to complete homework and tasks every day. But some children have bad habits of delay, which is a problem that many parents are boring.

Concept of design:

I will design a new type of physical interaction aid to motivate children to complete the tasks they need to complete every day. This device consists of 30 boxes. The screens of these boxes can be recorded by the user to record daily tasks and displayed on the electronic screen. Parents can put small gifts in each box. When the child completes the task, the box will pop open and the child can get a reward.

Aim of design:

This device can interact both visually and through audio. It is a novel interactive device that helps children efficiently complete daily learning tasks and life plans, and helps children develop good habits.

About future work

In this Saturday and Sunday, i will finished the posters design and on Monday i will prepare my presentation.Beside,for a long time, research deep in the project is needed.For example, i think the device is too big and it is not flexible for users.


7 HCI GRAND CHALLENGES9:10 - 9:30 Stephanidis, C., Salvendy, G., Antona, M., Chen, J. Y., Dong, J., Duffy, V. G., ... & Guo, Y. (2019). Seven HCI grand

challenges. International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction, 35(14), 1229-1269.