Bonnie Wang - Sun 8 March 2020, 1:56 am

Presentation&Idea Theming

In this week’s contact, all of us finished the presentation of ideas. There were a lot of good ideas that I thought could be explored further. We then went through all of the posters thematically in order to put all the ideas together and prepare for next week's world cafe activity. Most of the students' thoughts are reflected in Health, Music, Intelligence, and Behavior Changes. In addition, there are many concepts in Emotion, Learning, Game, Stress Release and so on.

New ideas&Preparing for Next Week

After class I read classmates' posters, I think some functional ideas are practical but lack interest, such as the concept of smart homes. For example, I was impressed with Ryan's idea for a smart kitchen. The design is more like a small smart home system, with voice control, Recipe pre-set function. It combines a physical system with online system. The idea is to allow users to interact with the kitchen in the way they like, while increasing the efficiency of using the kitchen, with automated presets and voice controls, which meet the demands of human value and everyday life. However, I feel that this design lacks some novel elements, and some audacious ideas should be added to make this design more distinctive! I also had some new ideas and insights on some of them, which I thought could be further discussed in next week's world cafe. My personal preference is for more interesting, playful interactive installations, so I'll be focusing on themes like Beautify the Self, Altered Landscapesat, Bothersome tech, Musical things and Emotional totems next week's world cafe activity and I'm looking forward to finding teammates who share my interests.