Week_04_PresentationFeedback & Reflection

Junxian Chen - Sun 29 March 2020, 11:52 pm
Modified: Sun 29 March 2020, 11:53 pm

In this week, we took an online studio, which is much better than I thought.

We present the team idea: something (a sitting mat) that force people to stand up after a long time sitting.

Feedback from slack:

  1. expect a gentle and comfortable interaction.
  2. can the electronic be put into the cushion and work well when people sit on it?
  3. The balance between bothering notice and annoy. (set a curve of bothering level)

what if people are in some important time, very close to end a project or in a meeting. the mat will definitely be annoying.

My idea that related to this proposal:

shock keyboard:

For most of the time, people usually sit in front of a computer to working and gaming. Given that the theme of our group is to make people stop from long time sitting in an annoying way. I thought that since people sit for a long time to operate a computer (playing a game or working) , We can design a keyboard that can shock people to force people to stop working. This design is to place a conductive iron piece on the keys of the keyboard, this design does not necessarily need to disassemble the keyboard for installation, only needs to be replaced Keycap. When the user operates the keyboard for a long time, the timer in the keycup will record the user's active time on the computer. When the time reaches a certain threshold, the keyboard will warn the user, "you should stop working, get up and take a break". If the user ignores the warning to continue working, the conductive iron piece on the keycap will be energized and shock the user while using the keyboard. The level of electric shock will increase as that time user does not want to give up using the computer increasing.