Week_06_Documentation & Reflection

Junxian Chen - Sun 3 May 2020, 11:57 pm

About using Mrio

In the week 6 event, we used miro to explore the "how to observe passengers on the train" project. This is the first time I used miro, this new tool made me realize that in the design process, different designers may have a completely different understanding of the same problem. Through the miro, we can consult the views of different designers to supplement our own designs.

Another advantage of using miro is that I can express my design systematically. By disassembling a project, we can clearly see how different parts of a project are divided and cooperated, which will help me finds the shortcomings in the current project and then supplements them.

About Team Concept

At present, the main concept of our team project is to "help people reduce the adverse health effects of sedentary". Studies have shown that sedentary is indeed harmful to health. But through a closer examination of the main purpose of the project, I think that we simply put "Reducing sedentary" as a goal is not clear and specific. Therefore, I think we should start by narrowing and clarifying our purpose to improve our concept. As a result, through our investigation, one of the main solution to the problem of sedentary is to try to stand up and move a little every 20 minutes. However, It is impossible to expect everyone has strong perseverance to complete this operation. In many cases, users may be lazy, work too nervous, or simply forget about it so they are unable to complete this operation, we found that the main common point of these reasons is that users often do not realize that 20 minutes have passed, so I think we should improve our concept to "how to make users realize that they are sitting for a long time and should stand up slightly. activity".

About personal Project

After deciding on the main team direction, my current design idea is to alert the user through a base station that can be placed on a table, and a device attached to the user will interact with the base station and complete the alert to the user.

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Patches on clothes.


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