week 1

Yi Lu - Thu 27 February 2020, 9:02 pm
Modified: Thu 27 February 2020, 9:02 pm


My major is interaction design and this is the third semester of my study. in the last 1 year of study, I learned professional knowledge of interaction design and I found that when I use the mobile apps, I would like to think more about the user interface design and user experience of the app than before. I like to watch some science fiction movies or TV shows such as “Black Mirror”. These kinds of films bring me a lot of new thinking. For example, when we are designing a new high-tech human-computer interaction experience, as an interaction designer, in addition to making the interaction experience more user-friendly, we should also think more about the balance between users and the environment to avoid some negative effects or results. I hope that the future interaction design will bring positive influence and thinking instead of becoming a hidden danger in future society.


During this course of this semester, I hope that I can design and implement an interesting, creative and engaging interaction design and promote interaction between strangers. Combining the learning experience of the previous two semesters, I hope that we can better promote and complete the communication and cooperation between the group members, and everyone can seriously complete the task. And, I hope that in this process, we can do every iteration carefully, real and from data. In addition, I hope I can learn physical computing skills and I think that will be very interesting.