Week 1

Lachlan Turnbull - Mon 2 March 2020, 11:52 pm
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 11:52 pm

I think it was brilliant to see how well everyone worked together in our first contact considering some of us have never met one another before. It really showed how collaborating over an idea can bring people together.

One of the activities that really resonated with me was the Ideation using the playing cards. It was a really cool concept to try and generate different ways of interacting using the random luck from a deck of cards.


The group I was in at my table originally produced the statement "Design to reinvent in a pub using fire with the quality disgust" from our cards. We had a lot of fun discussing all the different ideas that came from the statement as it seemed as though the list of things we could discuss from this was never-ending. The idea that kept popping up as mainly a joke was something along the lines of reinventing the pub by burning it down which was causing consumers to be disgusted. The main idea that we ended up with was reinventing the drinks in the pub to be full of spices (which we derived from fire to hot to spices) and they smelled quite disgusting yet did not taste so.

The statement that my cards produced was "Design to understand in a highrise apartment building using light with the quality unobstructed" which I found very difficult to utilise in coming up with ideas. I started by trying to rearrange the wording into something along the lines of "understanding how light is able to work unobstructed in a highrise apartment building" but that did not yield many ideas either as I have always struggled to think of imaginative creations.