Annan Yuan - Sat 29 February 2020, 9:30 pm
Modified: Sat 29 February 2020, 9:40 pm

Work Done

As the first day of taking PhysComp, I was pretty excited since I had been to the exhibition once. However, what I experienced in that exhibition made me look forward to this course but also let me feel concerned in some areas. I am looking forward to building a product with my future team and that will definitely make me feel proud but I am not good at programming. I am a little bit concerned about whether the idea can be achieved. Today's course gave me the answer. The process should be more important.

HCI Grand Challenge

Challenge 2: Human-Environment Interactions
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We started by sharing the individual challenge and interpretations through the reading resource.

The most challenge that impressed me is that the technology environment is more complex at present and finding a new technology to combine all of them is already a big challenge but it is not the end. Facing the public can be more intricate since it needs to satisfy multiple kinds of people.


Then we made the conclusion with examples.

We did the first round of ideation by playing cards. Our first selection was Design to shape using smell in the nightclub with the quality of nomadic. I got the idea of using smells to match the partner in the nightclub. The costumers can select their favorite smell of a perfume to find the group with the same preference.

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In the end, our group chose to Design to calm in the hospital by blowing with the quality of family. We thought that for the hospitalized patient and the family can strengthen the cohesion of each other through the synchronization of breath together to complete a song in the hospital.

How it Relates

This process of ideation this week showed a lot of possibilities of the idea that I can come up with especially it was random. This process of thinking and discussion not only brought me some inspiration but also made me review the process of generating ideas at the beginning of the design, especially after a holiday. This kind of review made me no longer clueless.

Work to Do

Next week the most important thing is the pitch. I will prepare my pitch and the poster well and practice more for the presentation.

And I am looking forward to the World Cafe in week 3.